Every Single Where, SF Gate

Gallery Six presented “Every Single Where” a collection of new works by San Francisco based artist Pakayla Biehn. Miss Biehn is a California native who now calls San Francisco home. Decidedly resourceful, she creates environments of curiosity and intimacy that resonate within painting, installation, drawing and mixed media. “Every Single Where” marks her first solo show.

Press: SFGate ‘Every Single Where’: Pakayla Biehn, December 17, 2009

‘Every Single Where’: Artistic vision honed by way of self-exploration and an eye disorder of seeing double.

Untitled lens installation by Pakayla Biehn strings together more than 500 lenses. It can be seen along with her paintings in her solo show.

Pakayla Biehn was born with Strabismus, a disorder in which the eyes don’t align properly, which can cause double vision.

At a year old, she was outfitted with her first pair of glasses – pink goggles – and by age 5, she had undergone two corrective surgeries.

As a kid, Biehn experienced some menacing name-calling. “Four eyes” and “nerd” were thrown around a lot. Now, at 23, she’s older and tougher, but admits to being somewhat obsessed by how the experience helped shape her identity.

“When you’re little and wearing glasses, it’s kind of heartbreaking. Kids can be really brutal,” she said. “But maturity is about taking the things that hurt you, or that you were embarrassed of, and learning that they’re a part of you. – By Alexandria Rocha


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