The Future Is So Bright, KQED Art Review

“The Future Is So Bright” group show is a mash up of paint, pen, warm colors and immense joy. Featured artists include Mark Warren Jacques, Timothy Karpinski, Nas Chompas, Kyle Lee and Alexandra Steele. Together they intermix themes of nature and industry often representing inspiration from childhood fables and tales. The show is united with an overall idea embodying an earthy spirituality and organic quality. Movement of objects can be seen with certain stillness, which attempts to provoke viewers to slow down, take a breath and witness the world around us.

Press: KQED Art Review “The Future Is So Bright at 666 Gallery” May 29, 2009 The Future Is So Bright, a group show of up-and-coming artists from Portland and the Bay Area, recently opened at 666 Gallery. The space, formerly the location of Gallery Three, is a cozy oasis the size of a walk-in closet in the seedy wilds of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Despite the vastly varied aesthetics of the six featured artists, the seventeen paintings and drawings form a cohesive whole, each artwork contributing to a shared sense of freedom and exhibiting an impressive display of meticulous detail. The opening was a packed, rowdy affair: plenty of booze and just enough attitude. My gal pal, Kristin, and I captured it all with our trusty little camera for your viewing pleasure. Feast on Alexandra Steele’s coyote decoys, Nas Chompas’ explosive fantasy world, Mark Warren Jacques’ trippy geometry, and Timothy Karpinski’s childhood bric-a-brac. – Emmanuel Hapsis


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