Urban Menagerie, My Love For You

Charmaine Olivia’s Urban Menagerie exhibition showcases humans exuding animal characteristics (for instance a girl growing antlers) juxtaposed alongside animals displaying anthropomorphism (i.e. a deer wearing gym socks). Her work features a mixture of urban and agrarian subjects. Within each piece the subjects ranging from weary looking girls, to shy birds in bows, find themselves on a stage, being exhibited, the viewer as its audience.


Press: Myloveforyou “Charmaine Olivia’s Urban Menagerie.” September 29, 2009

Oh man, Jillian MacIntosh of Gallery Six in SF just graced my inbox with these paintings of Charmaine Olivia’s. They’re stunning aren’t they? Charmaine got her start painting as a little girl with soy sauce on napkins. It’s awesome to think of a little girl dabbling with condiments, who then grew up to make such gorgeous work… If you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, make sure you stop by Charmaine’s solo show Urban Menagerie opening October 16th at Gallery Six. -Meighan O’Toole


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