Gallery Hijinks Inaugural Exhibition, SF Weekly

Gallery Hijinks’ inaugural exhibition showcased artists Brynda Glazier, Lisa Congdon, Pakayla Biehn, Charmaine Olivia, Ryan Riss, Jing Wei, and Morgan Blair.

Press: “Shit Houses” Published by SF Weekly, Aug 18 2010

The art at “Gallery Hijinks Inaugural Exhibition” is all about examining the tensions between various opposites. Brynda Glazier’s sculptures contrast utopian idealism and dystopian decay, while Lisa Congdon explores modernism versus deterioration. But the most transfixing works may be Morgan Blair’s shit houses. Don’t let the scatological titles turn you off: Blair’s houses are not made of actual shit, but are really highly geometric structural drawings of homes. Blair is juxtaposing our desire to create order out of chaos with the innately primal human state. Reconciling opposites is far from a unique subject in the art world, but this is a solid set of work that thrives on its unsettling juxtapositions, and makes a strong case that this gallery is a promising new venue for the bustling Mission art community. – Written by Paul M. Davis Wednesday


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