I’m Here Now, SF Gate

Mark Warren Jacques admittedly has an amorous disposition and this time he’s fallen in love with San Francisco. While embracing different cultures, ideals and perspectives he’s under- gone a metamorphosis in his painting, both conceptually and symbolically. I’m Here Now introduces a new collection of works inspired and created from this embraced artistic journey. This exhibition plays as both a cycle of self-assessment for the artist as well as a bold statement of place and time, Here – Now.

Press: SF Gate Don’t miss: ‘I’m Here Now’ , Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mark Warren Jacques incorporates heavenly bodies in his latest works at Gallery Hijinks.

Best known for strong lines and geometric shapes, San Francisco’s Mark Warren Jacques is opening up to the forces of nature. Living forms and heavenly bodies meet abstract patterns as organic and inorganic find new ways to coexist. The resulting paintings and art installation are on view this weekend at Gallery Hijinks. This article appeared on page G – 16 of the San Francisco Chronicle. -Written by Mary Eisenhart


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