Metaphysics, San Francisco Chronicle

Good friend and amazing artist, Meryl Pataky, hired me to promote her solo exhibition at A.Muse Gallery in San Francisco. She got some amazing press from the all neon exhibition including mentions on Urban Outfitters Blog,, an interview on, and SF Chronicle.

Press: San Francisco Chronicle  ‘Metaphysics’: Meryl Pataky at a.Muse Gallery , November 25, 2010


‘Metaphysics’: Artist finally in her element with neon: It’s ‘all about the battle between resistance and growth’

“Artist Meryl Pataky prefers to hew closely to intensely personal subjects, but it wasn’t until the sometime jewelry designer encountered a medium most people associate with bright lights and big impersonal cities that she came into her own.

“I dabbled in a lot of things,” she says of her six years at the Academy of Art University – she graduated this spring. “But I never got as much interest in my mixed-media installations as the neon stuff I was creating. I’m exploring this human psychology and human condition idea, and I think the medium of neon hits it more than any other medium I’ve worked with.

“Neon and life are all about the battle between resistance and growth.”

Pieces like “Playground Love” take their cue from the haunting song by Air as well as the dangerous games we learn at a very young age. “The Swing of Things’ ” neon swoop feels like a loopy smile, whereas “Self Portrait” combines deer hide and neon in an unsettling interplay of flesh and language. For Pataky’s all-neon show at a.Muse Gallery, “Suspended Entry” – an older entry that looks at death and burial rites – will get a new swath of neon, glowing from beneath its salvaged door.” – Kimberly Chun


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