Biosynthesis, SF Weekly

Biosynthesis was a collection of new works by Yellena James and installations by Pete Belkin. Together the artists will transform the space with saturated color mixed with organic forms and light. This exhibit will entice the viewer to explore the intricate and delicate forms that twist and float in the artists alluring ecosystem.

Press: SF Weekly, Artificially Natural, November 17th, 2010

Yellena James‘ former shows have names such as “Succulence,” “Stasis,” and “Aquarium.” No wonder: Her mesmerizing paintings and drawings contain paisleylike jellyfish and otherworldly plants that are loose and organic while also painstakingly precise. Her vividly colored forms are vaguely representational yet strongly purposeful — like an elaborate vintage wallpaper pattern that’s slowly changing after being injected with LSD. Artist Pete Belkin also mixes synthetic elements with natural forms, but in three dimensions. Some of his works consist of groups of long branches, painted garish colors, that appear to be climbing and embracing large trees. Their work comes together in “Biosynthesis.” Belkin’s installations conjure being inside a larger organism, whereas James’ 2-D works serve as windows to faraway places. The gallery calls it an “alluring ecosystem.” We call it a natural mix. The opening reception starts at 6 p.m.” – By Keith Bowers


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