As It Was Before, KQED Gallery Crawl

As It Was Before an exhibition of new works by Martin Machado and Todd Freeman with installations by Aleksandra Zee.

January 2011 brought together three individuals who use nature and science to reinterpret memories, fables and story telling. Paintings of an Alaskan salmon fishing season, print making of bizarre specimens in old scientific novels and three dimensional nestlike sculptures creatures an environment of organic complexity and imagination. To see the entire exhibition visit

As It Was Before Published by KQED Gallery Crawl, November 25, 2010
KQED Gallery Crawl is a monthly snapshot of current activity in the San Francisco Bay Area’s thriving gallery scene. Featuring interviews with artists, gallerists and curators, the program profiles the latest exhibitions and provides a glimpse into the curatorial philosophy of each space.

“In January 2010, Gallery Crawl stopped by Gallery Hijinks to learn about the mission behind this new San Francisco art venue, and meet artists Martin Machado and Aleksandra Zee, two of the three artist featured in As It Was Before. Each artist in the show (which includes Todd Freeman) takes cues from his or her personal experiences with the environment, producing imagery that comments on human relationships with the natural world. Freeman makes prints of mythical landscapes and creatures in a style reminiscent of vintage storybook illustrations; Zee’s installation juxtaposes natural and manipulated materials; and Machado’s paintings and photographs are directly related to his day job as a merchant marine.” – Written by Kimberly Chun


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