Kaleidoscope Eyes, San Francisco Chronicle & Mission Local

Kaleidoscope Eyes, a solo exhibition of resin collages by New York based artist Sebastian Wahl.

This collection of new work is based on the principle of multiple reflections. Compositions are formed out of mirrored images of nature, architecture, people, animals and religious symbols creating a visual notion of order within chaos.

Press: San Francisco Chronicle ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ by Sebastian Wahl opens Feb. 5, February 03, 2011

Sebastian Wahl’s resin collages are based on reflections to explore spiritual worlds.

In his first solo exhibition on the West Coast, Swedish artist Sebastian Wahl offers resin collages based on mirrored images of nature, art, architecture, people, animals and spiritual symbols. At once precisely delineated and chaotic, they define their own worlds and invite exploration. -Mary Eisenhart

Mission Local New Galleries Find Niche in Mission District, February 5, 2011

“Gallery Hijinks, one of the Mission’s newest galleries, is transforming into a psychedelic pop-art wonderland this Saturday, when it opens an exhibit for New York-based collage artist Sebastian Wahl.

In its third solo artist show since opening last July, the gallery will display Wahl’s multilayered mixed-media resin collages. Many are titled “Kaleidoscope Eye,” in reference to their circular repetitions of pictures.

“It’s always exciting to see this place transform,” said gallery owner Jillian Mackintosh, 25. “The show right now is organic and inspired by nature, so I can’t wait to see it as this pop with color…” -Molly Rosenthal


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